Gray Area of Negative Sexual Experience Zine (PLACE HOLDER)

This zine includes 6 personal essays I wrote based off interviews I did with UCSB women about their sexual gray zone experiences. This zine is the final project of nearly a full year of quantitative research.

a picture from my zine of a girl with the prude and the slut whispering in her ears

Social Media and Mating Strategies Thesis (PLACE HOLDER)

This thesis paper details the qualitative research I did investigating the relationship between Dark Triad Traits, Sociosexuality, Life History Strategy, and how these affected which media platforms participants chose according to specific social goals.

person holding a phone in their hand

Gender Stereotypes Critical Analysis

This paper was written for my gender studies and writing course. I criticallyanalyzed an episode of That 70s Show to analyze the way gender is portrayed.

a restroom sign to represent gender