A little bit about me...

I am a fourth-year student at the Univerity of California Santa Barbara majoring in Communication and minoring in Professional Multimedia Writing. My hometown is Los Angeles, California.

I am passionate about writing and have written in a variety of contexts from business to both qualitative and quantitative research projects. My writing background includes journalism, marketing, document design, and everything multimedia. A passion of mine is writing to understand, support, and represent women in my community.

When I'm not working or studying (which is rare), I enjoy cooking, reading new books, and exercising. I am a foodie, so you can usually find me at one of my favorite fall-back restaurants or trying something new.

After completing my degree, I hope to pursue a career in writing or publishing and attend a graduate program for Communication studies.

me in Chinatown, San Francisco


Over the last four years, I have held a diverse set of jobs and internships. I am not afraid of hard work and can easily adapt to new environments. Take a look at my resumé.

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My portfolio best highlights my diversity as a writer and designer. Check it out, I'm sure you will find something that you enjoy.

For highlights featuring some of my favorite projects, check out the gallery below.

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Things I Do

My sun sign is Gemini, so I never limit my interests to one thing.


I have a diverse range of writing samples available in my portfolio!


Any good writer must frame their work efficiently. Check out my design samples.


I like learning new things and asking questions about phenomena.

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